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Currently Recruiting
Unfortunately, because of some personal situations, we've lost a few of our core, and have therefore stopped raiding.

We had a great run, going from nothing to 6/8H in a little over a month and a half. Best of luck to everyone in the future, perhaps we shall return.
Stay Sassy is now (has been) 6/8H! We got Warmaster Blackhorn on lock barring some derping on barrages and shockwaves, and now the Spine of Deathwing is on notice. Overall it's a good time to be us, and that will continue with any new recruits!

That's right fans of the Sassy Ones, we're still recruiting. Any tank with either a DPS or healing OS (preferrably healing), totally boss ranged DPS with a healing OS, or amazing ranged in general are welcome to apply on the website, or talk to Roark, Chry or Bartleby in game.
Job well done this week on two more progression kills!

Recruitment is still open for select classes, though we are getting a bit pickier about applicants. As always, feel free to drop us a line in any of the ways listed here, including, but not limited to, whispering Roark, Oreilly, or Chry in-game.

For funsies we went back and cleared Heroic Firelands Monday, 2/6.

Hello all!

The transfer to Alliance is complete, and all we're missing now is a few solid players to round out our ten man roster. The current plan is to get into Dragon Soul again starting this Tuesday, January 17th. Recruitment is wide open, if you're interested please check out our Forum, sign up to the site and fill out an Application!

If you're not quite ready to apply, please also feel free to send Chry, Roark or Oreilly a whisper in-game with any questions you may have regarding policy or recruitment.